How Slack Helps Your Productivity

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In any business enterprise or any workplace, communication is very important. But what most people do not understand is that communication may be misunderstood. This can adversely affect the business and in the long run, it can decrease productivity. The way a company communicates with the employees, stakeholders and the entire business community will actually determine the level of success. It is, therefore, important that you consider the means of communication that will be effective and fast.

What is slack?

This is one of the most recent innovations that make it possible to message instantly and its one of the most effective team communication option. Both big and small business enterprises are adopting slack as one of their instant messaging communicating. It is effective and the fact that communication is easily understood and that a chance of miscommunication is greatly reduced makes it the favourite communication means at the workplace.

One may wonder if there is any way through which slack can help separate private communications, discussions or marketing and ads. Well, there are various channels that enable you to do so. This is one of the greatest features of the instant messaging app. In fact, this is one of the reasons why slack has become a very important app at the workplace.

Why use slack at the workplace

  • Using this app as the main means of communication at the workplace will significantly reduce use of emails. This can be costly especially if one is to send bulk emails. Again, the target group will easily and instantly get info through slack unlike emails when one has top first open the email in order to get the message.
  • You can easily share files amongst all colleagues. In case you need instant feedback, it becomes easier to get such feedback as well. Companies that have been using slack have noted increased productivity among their employees. It is an interactive interface and in fact more people are appreciating the app as a mainstream commun9ivcation channel.
  • How easily do you manage tasks in the office? With slack, this has been made possible. You can easily manage tasks and ensure that you complete tasks on time. Try using other apps in collaboration with slack in order to easily manage and ensure that tasks are completed on time. In fact if deadlines are met, then a company will notice increased productivity. Check out apps such as Wunderlist that can enable you to easily manage your apps.

How productivity is enhanced through slack

  • It helps create good habits amongst employees. Slack enables the entire work office to communicate instantly when you need to. This way, there are no lapses in communication and this way, productivity is enhanced. Again, everyone using slack is advised to create a list of all the things they do on slack. They include the task manager, getting feedback and basic communication with other colleagues.
  • It is a great way to set reminders. Due to pressure at the workplace, employees may actually forget to do a thing or two. Through slack you can schedule reminders and this way, no important thing is forgotten. This is particularly important for marketing teams.
  • Decision making is made easier when you use slack. Remember delayed decision making can actually lead to low productivity and missed chances. But with slack, you can easily make decision through voting and also get feedback and opinions of the team so that a decision can be made based on such info. With fast decision making, you can easily increase productivity amongst your team and this also helps top boost the bottom line.
  • Easy search options. Slack makes it possible for any of the team members to search info on the platform. No time is wasted consulting with a colleague since such info can be retrieved using the app. More importantly, you just need at least three letters of the search word and you can easily retrieve the info. There is too much time wasted when colleagues consult face to face, this also creates room for gossip and idle talk. If you have slack, you can reduce time wastage in the office and eventually you will notice improved productivity.
  • Mark calendar events easily. This is the ultimate advantage of having slack in your office. It enables you to update on team meetings, events and any other info you may need to deliver to the team. If your workplace is customer oriented, slack enables you to note down client appointments and their instructions including feedback and marketing info as well.


People talk less and have less interpersonal skills. This may affect the interpersonal relations in the office in the long run. The social aspect of the team will be affected since basically, people interact less on a personal level.

In addition, there are many distractions during the day because team members may constantly keep updating info on slack. Well, in order to reduce the distractions, you may mute some channels if you realize that there is a constant distraction from some channels. There are many inbuilt features in slack that enable you to enjoy using the app.

In conclusion, slack enables you to integrate all other social media and instant messaging apps to give the team an experience. This collaboration makes it easier for all employees to easily connect with each other and discuss or act on info posted on the platform. More importantly, slack works across networks and various platforms including the mobile phone. Though most users use it on android and windows, it can be used on other platforms as well.

The innovation of this century has been tapped. It is a good idea to adopt the current trends in the workplace if you want to experience more productivity and also increase efficiency. You will also notice reduced costs of operations at the workplace if you adopt the current trends in communication and all other aspects of your business. In order to grow in business and also improve efficiency, one must adopt the latest trends. Reviews show that slack is gaining popularity among new business enterprises and in most workplaces.