What is EverNote? Full Review

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This is an app designed to capture info in the form of a memo, photograph or even a report that can also have file attachment. It works across various platforms. That is why it is one of the most popular tools online these days. Just to mention a few platforms on which it works, we have EverNote for mac, iPhone web, and android. If you have a phone, personal computer or even a laptop that operate son any of the above platforms, then you should consider this app. It makes it easier to get more organized and present info easily.

Companies that have adopted the app as a major app and means of basic communication have come to appreciate the app. You will realize that basically, the app transforms how workflows in your office. The presentation of reports and business plans and any other info you may wish to share in the office is basically transformed.

Main Features of EverNote

  • Mobile and Web interface
  • It stores files, photos, images and files
  • Shared notebooks at the workplace
  • Travel documents, itineraries and confirmations from clients can easily be stored
  • Editing is easy –you can sketch arrow or use all other editing tools
  • The process of sharing info and getting feedback is made easier
  • Web clipper

These are some of the main features that make this app effective and efficient at the workplace.

Benefits of installing EverNote app

Let us briefly discuss some of the main benefits you get when you install EverNote at the workplace. It is not possible to exhaust all the benefits but we are going to highlight the major benefits.

  • Synchronization

Well, this app makes it possible to sync everything in the office, business or workplace. It is possible to sync the research findings, opinions or even short notes from a meeting through Evernote. This makes it possible for all stakeholders to easily access such docs. Again, in case you need to make a decision, it becomes easier since very stakeholder is given a chance to air their views and also let others know what they think.

  • Ability to save files online and in the device

You get an opportunity to easily save files including a webpage, ads, and company logos through the use of Evernote. If you are saving a web page, you are also able to save the links as well. Any tags will also be saved. As such, this makes it easier to refer to such info in future. This app is still developing and there are much more features to come.

  • Shared Notebooks/info

This is the major benefit of Evernote. In fact, if you are always on the go, it enables you to access info from any device or computer. You do not have to always carry your laptop with you. Again, it is secure so you do not have to worry about the security of your docs. If you want to share any info including pictures, research findings or general info with colleagues from wherever you are, it becomes easier if you use the app. If at your workplace you rely on feedback from clients, recording itineraries and travel docs, then with the use of EverNote, the workflow is made easier and this eventually improves the efficiency.

  • Search and discovery options

Do you find it extremely hard to retrieve data or info you have previously recorded? Well, EverNote has search options that make it easier for you to easily find what you are looking for. This will especially be beneficial to companies that collect data on a daily basis in bulk. If such data is to be used in formulating business strategies, then you need an app that helps you sort and easily find relevant data. EverNote is very accurate in search and also through its various functionalities; you can easily sort available raw data.


Well, this is a free app but if you process data in bulk you may opt for either premium or business pricing plans. For the premium, one pays on average five dollars and for business, since you process large files and data in bulk the cost is around ten dollars per month. Considering the above benefits, one gets value for their money whichever plan you adopt.

Using EverNote

You first need to download the app to any of your preferred platforms. It works across various platforms as discussed above. You may install it on phone, mac or any web browser. After signing up, then you can easily access all the features of the EverNote. worth a mention is the share notebook option. This makes it easy to share notes, files, and images to the public or even individuals. You will see the options on your screen so you opt for what you prefer.

EverNote Web clipper makes it possible for you to easily mark pages that you would love to visit again and again. This feature has more advantages than bookmarks and it also helps you easily access specific info especially when you have bulk data. Get clipping important emails, articles on any browser and all other important info using EverNote.

A quick tip on searching info on EverNote is that you must be specific. This enables you to narrow the search and get results first. For example, if you are searching for info in the notebook, start by first typing notebook then the info you are looking for. If you want to retrieve a tag, start by typing the name tag and the info that you need as well. These are some of the simple ways you can easily trace info on EverNote. If you remember the dates, or you know the time when such info is saved on a notebook or any files shared on EverNote, it is good to include the date and times to make the search easier.


EverNote helps you save important info and also makes it possible to retrieve such info in future. It is an app that you can use in performing various tasks as well. With these basic tips and info provided here, you can easily install and use the app. Remember to check out regular updates on the app and especially on any new features added and any upgrade on the app.