Whatsapp vs. Viber: What App is Best For you

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These two apps are very popular these days. The decision to use any of them will be based on various factors. Below is a simple guideline that will enable you to make the right decision. By checking out the info provided below and following the tips, it will be easier to choose what is best for you.

The cost

Most people will consider the cost of the app first before installation. In fact when you disclose info on cost of an app that is when you find many people signing up for the app. Viber has always been free. Right from the time, it was launched, it was a free app. Whatsapp has also followed suit by making it free all year round. Previously when it was launched the app was charged at an average charge for a dollar per day but due to competition, the charges were dropped.

The Installation Process

People will always opt for the easier way out. That is why before launching an app, the technical teams try to simplify the process as much as possible. This is likely to get you more users. If an app is complicated, most people will shy away from installing it. Of the two apps, WhatsApp is relatively easier to install. Both apps can easily be downloaded online at the apple store or Google play. For WhatsApp, one needs to have internet connection throughout for it to work. But it is instant messaging and this is what makes it popular. We must also say that both apps have really simplified the interface and this has made it so easy for users to easily interact online.

The reputation

Well, most people will opt for an app that has better features and one that is popular amongst their circles. Whatsapp has around one million users on a monthly basis and these are the active members. It is very popular especially among the youth and even in the corporate world. On the other hand, Viber has approximately seven hundred million registered users.

Data usage

Most users using mobile phones know the cost of data and that it is not cheap. This mainly depends on the mobile phone network that you choose. But obviously, people will choose an app that uses fewer data. If you prefer calls, Viber is way much cheaper than WhatsApp calls. But messaging, it is relatively cheaper. You may actually choose to install both apps so that you use both apps alternately.

Quality of service

Viber has better quality calls. You will find that after every call, WhatsApp usually ask you to rate their calls. They are trying to do a research on ways they can improve this service. With time maybe, they will also improve the quality of their voice and video calls. The calls on WhatsApp are limited to people that are on your contacts only. On Viber, you may call other people not on Viber as well through their feature of Viber out. But in order to enjoy the service, you should also be prepared to pay more for the internet.These are some of the aspects you should consider when choosing the app to install for everyday use.

Compatibility With The Operating Systems

Since WhatsApp is an all-inclusive app it would be better if even users of phones operating on the lower version are able to install the app. But unfortunately, this is not so. It operates on android 2.0 and above. Remember both apps operate on windows, android, and IOS. But for Viber, it operates with the lower versions of at least two operating systems m and this makes it a favorite.

Security Measures

You want the info you share and your personal info to remain private. That is why you should take some time to go through the security features of both apps and find out which is more appealing to you. Let us look at the security features of both apps in order to make it easier for you to make a decision. With WhatsApp, you can easily block contacts that you do not want to communicate with. This way no now will be able to see any posts you make when you block them. In addition, if you do not want people to know if you are online, you may easily turn off the last seen option so it is not possible for anyone to know when you last visited WhatsApp.

More recently, WhatsApp has come up with a feature that enables you to view people’s status. You may also check out people who have viewed your status as well. More importantly, you have the option of deciding who sees your current status. If you do not want certain groups or individuals to view your status, you can easily block them.

With Viber, you may also turn off the last seen update and block those in your contacts that you do not wish to communicate with. In fact, both of these apps have so many similarities it becomes hard to make a choice at times.


The use of smartphone has been on the rise over the years. The fact that one is able to chat with friends  online using data which is relatively cheaper than using phone credit also encourages many people to constantly log into the two most popular apps. Viber and WhatsApp have gained popularity over the years.

A survey conducted recently shows that in ten out of ten at least 9 people have either of these apps or both. Those who install both apps want to enjoy all the benefits of both apps. But due to space, it may not be possible for all users to install both. Therefore one has to make a choice of what they should install. Apart from the above-listed features and factors to consider, one also has to consider the most popular app with their friends and colleagues. Remember these are social media apps and in order to effectively use them, your friends must also install the apps. That is why you find out that in most cases, your friends, colleagues, and people whom you interact with regularly will actually influence the decision you make on the app that you wish to install.